9 minutes and 38 seconds…and counting

Say word blog world……

Last night I truly has the best time that I’ve ever had…I went to go see Jay motha fuckin Z at Northerly Island. (which is a georgeous venue)


Fabalous and Ciarra both did a great job, but for the sake of keeping it real, they both made me wanna rip my skin off, it was agonizing watching them because all I wanted to see was Hov!!!!!!

So I’m in my seat and as they were setting the stage for him to come out all of the sudden the stage crew dissapears and this big ass jumbo tron appears and the countdown starts at 9 minutes and 38 seconds, let just say that cheering started immediately.  When it got to the 1 minute mark, we were already on our feet, by the time 30 seconds hit, diamonds were in the air “Hova, Hova, Hova….” was all you heard.  He practically hopped on stage and went right into opening up with the Roc Boys band playing the instrumental to “Say Hello” (the Roc Boys band is phenomenal by the way), then he went right into “DOA”, and every body in the crowd new every word.  He said more than 10 times “I see Chicago fucks wit me”, I was very proud of my city we held it down correctly, no violence, no bullshit, but you cant go anywhere without seeing the hoodrats who go to hip hop shows dressed like they trying to get chose, who wears mini dresses and 5 inch heels, what if there was a stampeed or something else jumped off, come on ladies…wtf! 

Jay gave us about 2 hours of pure unadulterated awesomeness, at one point he just walked off the stage as if it was over, only to return and say “well then fuck it, lets take it all the way to the top Chi-town”, and he even kicked it up a notch, with a Mike tribute/sing along, and went right into “Izzo”. 

At the end of the show he actually went through the crowd (staying on stage of course), and just fucked with people, thanking them for wearing  Rocawear or Derreon , for knowing every word of his songs, for comming out to see him, and for holding him down for the last 13 years.  I just realized that I have been a fan of this nigga for 13 years…DAMN…i’m excited to see what the next 13 will be like.

I don’t know about erbody else that was there, but I will never forget this experience!  Lots of people hate Jay, cause they say he’s a rich asshole, or whatever, as a true fan, I am happy to say that he didnt let me down, he gave a better show than I imagined!

So fuck each and every person, that thinks otherwise…. yeah, you are entitled to your own opinion, but fuck your opinion to…..

It’s the Roc….

Until…I blog again


Chaos born progress!!!!!!!!!

Say Word…

I just watched a very interesting documentary on Marc Jacob.  Though I was already a big Louis fan, it just made me respect him/them that much more.   It gave me the same feeling that I had after I watched “The Devil Wears Prada”…where you are temporarily terrified that a human being is soooooo stressed out and pushing their body to the limit with like 28 minutes of sleep a day.  This dude runs 2 fashion lines in 2 different countries and they both have their share of the lime light during fashion week, with the first 5 rows full of erbodies favorite faces!!  But then u start to think “if this nigga can do it, what the fuck is my issue, I’m actin like a real bitch right now”! 

So before u blog world… im sticking my chest out and doin some push ups, I can write this book, go to school, work,  still cook dinner every Saturday and Sunday, and kick it occasionally.  Now all I have to do is get all the random ass ideas and string them together….wtf!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m gon get up tomorrow and go down town and get some culture in my life…that usually sparks what I need sparked!!!!!!!!

I cant wait til the Roc Revolution sneakers and the Blueprint 3 comes out…new Hov always gives me life like doing 40 lines!!!!!!

Until I blog again….IT’S AN ARTFUL GAME BITCHES!!!!!!!!!











Say Word…Blog World

In the spirit of falling back and SPRINGing FORWARD…AND since all this blissful rain has brought me solice, lets start a trend of truth and hilarity……

This weekend I realzed just how much of an idiot a person could be, that person being me!  Two weeks ago I made a lemon pound cake from scratch, and  it fell!  I was devastated because I made it from scratch and it died, so I secretly hated my brother because I thought it was his fault, since he was fucking around in the kitchen while it was baking.  I would like to take this time to apologize to my brother because it totally was not his fault, he is not a cake killer!  Now we begin the story of the TRUTH ABOUT THAT DAMN CAKE….

Last night I was making pizza and watching Tyson Beckford lick Paula Dean’s carmel fountain and my dough was sticky and very hard to manage, I thought it was arroused or that something was wrong with the flour that I was flouring the counter with, so I threw that dough out and made some more.  The first pizza was farely easy to role out, I topped it and put it in the oven, but the other pizza on the other hand was a bit stickier.   Despite the issues at the end when i was forced to use some more flour, it went in the oven and cooked well just like the other one.  I didnt realize until I took the first bite that something actually was wrong though…the crust was kind of sweet.  I asked my brother and he agreed that it was a little sweeter than usual, but he was going regardless.  Him being a picky eater made me feel alot less horrified, because he definitely wont eat it if he dosent like it….PERIOD!  This morning, it still bothered me that the friggin dough was that sweet.  While watching sweet potato pie being made on the food network it came to me…..”that wasn’t flour you asshole!”  The same weekend that I made that cake, I cleaned the pantry out and started using these jars, the one that I thought was flour all along, was actually powdered sugar.  I should’ve realized this when I saw that the bag of powdered sugar was half full….cause I never use that shit (not even sure why I have it).  The ‘flour’ that went into that damn cake was the same ‘flour’ that I was using last night.  The powdered sugar gave my cake diabetes and it died…damn that powdered sugar, damn it right to hell!!!!!!

Fuck everybody that dosent laugh!!!!!!!  To all that did, I’m glad that I can help start off your spring with a great laugh.

P.S  I think we’ll keep “The truth about that damn cake” going, except the rest of the tales wont be about cakes, but I like that name.  NEXT EPISODE…TITO JACKSON!!

p.S.S  Forgetting Sarah Marshall is the truth..check, check, check it out!

Until I blog again……


is it art?…..

say word blog world…..

So I am a fan and I appreciate all things artistic, thats probably why erbody thinks im weird, but thats just me…u gotta love me, who else, but me can be seen listening to Spice 1 while reading “The Great Gatsby”….(there indeed is a method to my madness people), art allows us to satisfy all things bodine and vulgar, that we cant through any other outlet.  Not saying that, thats it’s only purpose, but could you imagine trying to channel some anger and frustration through sex, you might catch a moufuckin case, but if u express that in a form of art, it’s just that!!!!!!!! 

Take a look (when u get a spare sec) @ works by Damien Hirst and Richard Price (try google images) these guys are dirty little geniuses.  I would never disrespect an artist by saying that whatever they chose to put on display is not art….NEVER, and I’m not implying anything about either of these gentleman by making that statment, but take that with you when you check them out.  They are beautiful artists in the sense that they are using it for what it should be used for….pure and unadulturated personal expression.  When you are in the moment and creating a piece, no one can tell u shit, cause if i say that Jesus looks like Flavor Flav cause thats how i painted him, you should be wondering which clock im gonna paint him with, not “what the fuck is she on”!!!!!!!!! 

Also support your local, and city museums and art galaries!  If you have kids take them to see something that helps strengthen their imaginations.  At the very least, you would be encuraging their creativity!  If people would pay millions for Andy Warhol’s “soup can line”  imagine what your little dirty genius might come up with…ponder that!!!!!!!!!!

…until I blog again


Literary Blue Balls…

Say word, blog world….

I wanna apologize for the abrupt stoping of “Lost in Black Thought”, I assure you people it’s not you, it was me!  The shit just got to good to me…hell my passion and raw sexual energy got so potent from allowing my self to bare my sexual soul through that story that it has me reading books on Tantra now! 

Follow me as I digress…

Most of you have probably never heard of Tantra except for when Finch was talking about it on American Pie 2!  Well famo was right, tantra is the shit!  With anything new it takes time to adjust and all that good shit, but this teaches you to be more intimate and in tune with yourself sexually and seriously people…everything else just fuucking falls in place!  So i’m not gon get all into it and shit, read up on that shit on ur own time and let me know what you think!

back on subject….

So anyway, i just got to know alot about me and mine and dug up some shit that i forgot…lol!  Being a writer is some powerful shit when ur good at it!  not that I’m saying i am the shit, but i know i’m nice….u feel me, and it’s a great fucking release, for me and my readers.  Me. being the writer i get lost in creation and renew my understanding of my creative talent and also the creative process in general which only encourages me!  You, as the reader get lost in my story and that journey that we take together gives birth to inspiration. 

When I started writing that story all I wanted to do was get my short story thing on, but it starting to feel like masturbating when you’re high.  Now the only feeling that can even hold a candle to that (for me at least) was when I had 4 grand that I could trick off, trick off meaning that I didnt have to worry about saving or being able to pay a bill, that 4 grand was mine to piss away.  Now you might be saying “S7even, why the hell dosent actual intercourrse with another person feel better than masturbation to you?”  Well people, masturbation is the greatest form of self expression, mainly because usually there is no one there but you!!!!  Add some equality to the scenario and it’s pookie post rehab working at the Carter sucking the shit out of the crack pipe again….cause aint nothing like it!

After all is said and done, I got some good news and some bad news…bad news first!  “Lost in Black Thought” is no more, but….I am writing another joint (short story wise) and it will contain the same characters, but it will be fresh…more info will be soon to come on that, it should be posted within a day or 2.   Good news….I am writing a book!  I have all the proper support behind me professionally and i am looking forward to getting my novel shit off!

….until i blog again


2008…U was my nigga….

Greetings bloggers….

I wanted to say thanks for the readership, getting my blogging cherry popped definitely was the shit and it really got me back in the swing of writing and all of the feedback that I have been given is very gratefully appreciated.  I hope that everybody comes back to tune in and read my shit in ’09, and i hope you all have a safe a moufuckin wicked awesome new year!  So rock out with your cock out and remember…shit happens when you party naked!!!!!

….until i blog again

Happy New Year Bitches!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I was 6 again…

I am so damn sick of being an adult!  I wish that I could go back to being 6 for just one week;  6 was such an awesome age!  When I was 6 I would play, eat, read, take naps, and have awesome conversations with my Dad, we were seriously like Cliff and Rudy.  I would ask him questions about random crazy shit and he would make up stories as the answer.  I remeber when he told me and my brothers that Opy from the andy Griffin show was bi-racial…lmao!  He said that the reason why his mom wasnt on the show was because she was black and they ran her out of Mayberry, and that is also why the show was in black and white…so we couldnt tell that Opy was lightskinned….lmao.   I remember one time I was going on a field trip to the field museum and my mom couldnt comb my hair or pick out my clothes because she was sick, so Dad had to pinch hit.  Oh my damn, did he fuck up my hair and he let me pick out my outfit.  When i got home that night from school my mom was like “what the fuck happened to my baby?” and I said “what…Dad combed my hair, and he let me wear what i wanted”  “i can tell!”  she said, laughing.  I had on a pound puppies sweat shirt (black white and red), green corderoys, and rainbow bright sneakers.   I loved going to summer camp and spending the whole damn day having fun, but constructive fun, we did something different everyday, I was never bored.  Christmas was wonderful back then, everything about it was great! 

Now all I freakin do is get up at the crack go to work all fucking day, then go to school, then go home, go to sleep, just to wake up and do the shit all over again.  The weekends suck the worst cause, I have to cram all the crap that I can’t do during the week in and try to relax and recover from the week that just passed.  The weather sucks so bad right now and it’s so fucking cold, and when it snows it takes 4 hours to make a 2 hour trip, and it dosent even feel like Christmas.  What the fuck man…this blows, I wish that I could get paid to color and take naps, somethings gotta give cause this shit has me real damn depressed! 

….until i blog again


December 4, 1969

On December fourth 1969 a great person was born!  Many people don’t agree with this, but i’ll be honest fuck em, you would never understand just how much i don’t care!!!!!!! 

Shawn Corey Carter, or Jay-Z as he is more popularly known celebrated his 39th birthday yesterday and I just would like to take this time out to say a few words about what he means to me!

Even though I don’t know him personally, fam has been there with me through it all musically.  In 1996 I broke my leg and was out of school for a month and a half.  The day my I got my cast put on my mother took me to Sears and at the time inside the store they had a “blockbuster music” store, she told me to get some magazines and some cd’s cause I was gon’ be laid up.  I was cool on the mags, cause I already knew what I liked to read, but when it came to music I was the same when I was 16 as I am now…music is air, and I need it to live, so I would give anything a try.  I picked up the first Crucial Conflict joint cause it had just come out, Nas had just become my dude, off if I ruled the world and I dug that tight ass pink suit that he wore in the “street dreams” video, so I picked up “It was written”, and then it happened!  The moment that changed the rest of my life…..I saw the reasonable doubt album!  The night before I was watching a Chicago public access channel and a radio DJ by the name of spank boogie was interviewing this light skinned, tall, lanky, ugly dude, with the craziest voice.  He was so shy like, but he was charismatic as fuck, his manerisms kept me watching the bootleg ass shit.  What really had me open though was how he answered the questions!  Spank would ask him a question and his answers were quick, natural, intelligent, and real.  This is a dude that is not cute at all, but he carried his self with the affluence of confidence, not arrogance….I fucking loved it.  I found myself smiling and shit like he was trying to mack me down and shit.  So I was like this is dude of I gotta cop this joint and see whats to him.

I got it home and I listened to all 3 of them, but I am not the type to get a new CD and listen to it all the time just because it’s new, I have to be in that mode at the time.  At that time, I was in my Nas mode, I listened to It was written until I knew that whole damn cd backwards and forwards, it is still my shit.  Crucial Conflict i already knew that cd pretty well so it was what it was, but Jay is a different story.  I had a relatonship with that album!!!!!!!  I listened to certain songs for certain things, I put all of my people up on him and they are all die hard fans to this day.  I remeber I would listen to “can’t knock the hustle” when I was tired, “Can I live”, just for the fuck of it, “brookly’s finest when I played Donkey Kong country”, and “coming of age” when my brother got on my nerves, it was a part of me! 

Teenagers are extremely impressionable and I was no different at 16.  Jay is a big part of who I am as a person, cause I loved the way he carried himself!  I have been big all my life and people always fucked with me about it, but I would suck that shit up and let the rage fuel me…”eat my exhaust bitches”, that’s how felt, people thought I was mean sometimes arrogant, but those who knew me, knew that I was just on a different current!  I was never initially mean or rude to a person, I just was not starving for other people attention, if you had something that I was interested in then I might engage in interaction with you, otherwise fuck you.  The point is, through Jay I was able to see comfortability in being different than the “beautiful people” in the cosmetic sense!  I have always admired how he carried himself and how the only time he lets people in is through his music, that way those who really have a vested interest can get their Jay fix and he can protect himself from the bullshit, that is me to a T.  People that are not in my inner circle dont know shit about me, and only a priviledged few have heard my “cd” (so to speak)! 

12 years later,  that nigga is married to one of the baddest bitches on this earth and is about 400 million dollars richer, got his ass chewed out in a beef with Nas, cut his ties with dead ass Dame, grew musically on so many levels, and still is that lightskinned, lanky, tall, ugly ass dude, with the funny ass voice!  His charisma still makes me smile and right now I am listening to “can’t knock the hustle” as I type cause I am tired as hell!  He has grown over the years, made a lot of mistakes, but never let me down, when he fell he got the fuck back up, changed his button up, dusted off his Brooklyn fitted and walked away with the swag of a 400 million dollar man, and it is still just as true as it was 12 years ago, you can’t knock this niggas hustle, he will do him regardless!

Shout out to Shawn…..

I’m gon call that nigga by his government name cause this is official!  Happy birthday  nigga (technically belated), I thank you for your music and everything else that you have given me, I widh you many more!!!!!!!!!!!


Ghost Nigga….

A friend of mine and I were acting stupid one day and made up a name for the presence that makes people call off work for no reason and do all kinds of other lazy stuff.  The name that we so graciously gave it is ‘Ghost Nigga’.  He crawls up in your third and makes you do all kinds of niggerish things, like neglect your job, jag off in school, not clean house;  he basically turns you into a no good stoner without the chronic. 

Today people, he came for me…..

Ghost Nigga tried to get me to call off kick it with him all day.  This nigga told me that if I stayed at home and watched the Boondocks and ate snacks, it would bring the troops home…uuummmm hmmmm, that’s what he said.  So I told him, “man hell naw, I got bills!”.  He said “You actin like a lil’ bitch right now!  Fuck that, they don’t own you, you’re your own person, now stop being an uncle Tom and go back to sleep.  I’ll wake you up at 2 and we can watch TV and order chineese food!” 

After 15 miuntes of fighting, I won.  I made it to work on time and I have every intention of going to school today.

I’m a scholar damnit, and Ghost Nigga can’t hold me!

…..until I blog again

p.s-Old navy has coats 50% off one week only (who can’t use an extra coat?)


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